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Graffiti Meeting of Styles
Peinture avec 6pack, Spot, Iggy et Ema durant le Meeting of Styles 2006 de Lyon, les 17 et 18 juin dernier.
Big up Emilie d'?tre pass?..

Meeting of Styles - S Meeting of Styles - Spot Meeting of Styles - Ema
D'autres photos sur le site du M.O.S.


1. By Dhunay

dis iz real cool, dno hw u uyz did it though. Dat iz BAD!!!

2. By keusta

thx to you kasper

3. By pedram

oi this ppl r serious at taggin lol i thought im good but naaaaaaaat when i saw this lol

4. By Dust

Trop top la totalit? des featuring du site !

Non s?rieux, toujooours et encore super !

Good Work !!

5. By pawz uno


6. By i


7. By Allie

diz is sick man how u do it? i jus started init

8. By sonek

estan chidas sus firmas espero que sigan asiendo sus firmas mamalonas atte sonek de la gpak crew

9. By dude 1

Hmmmmmmmmm. look out for dude punks!!!!!

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