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Stack Cabaret Vert

New (speed 2h) graffiti on wood boards (1 board = 1x2m) during the "Cabaret Vert" festival
in the late of summer 2007 on east of France : Cabaret vert's myspace

Cabaret Vert billboard

Feat MadKow and my man 6pack !

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1. By émilie

hey cool !! j'l'avais pas vu celle là :p

2. By Nelsson

que chida pagina!!! exxactamente lo q buscaba..

3. By Josh

just seeing if i could find a sign of my name thats off the wall! this work is badd A!

4. By madkow

Et ba fatigué le madkow se jour la
jveux bien un exemplaire comm mm kan ta 5 minutes
kom dhab du bon
bonne continuation a toi

5. By Lète

j'adore c trop beau

6. By yeser

ke tranza stack, ta perrona la pagina y por supuesto tus trabajos
ojala algun dia podamos pintar?
ke ande chido, hay estamos


7. By GB. Steven

nice one. wonder whre you do all of this graffittis?

8. By caps

you are the best....!

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