Squat City





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squat city

New graffiti for a friend of a friend near Lyon, august 2007
City squat. 2 Hours of works.

sketch city

Sketch of the city

sketch city

The smoking squat !!!
Realised with "julien decor" spraycan yeah

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1. By Kix

Stack ou l'homme qui kiffe les lignes de fuites vers le haut :D

avec une julien décor .....

eh ben l'autre jour j'ai posé un truc a la true colorz moi sisi !!

alors respect aussi h

2. By keusta

Ahaha t'as bien du courage, 'nough respect mister kix
peindre à la transparente ça prend plus de temps

3. By Kix

5 couches pawaaaa !

\ ._. /

4. By onceyouchillinNYC

im digging these and im tryin to learn this myself, i got a name but i was thinkin about changing it "NYCE"

5. By edgar

tengo casi 12 años y me gusta muncho el gafiti

6. By reksone


7. By zee

Hey dude i know you DEF get this alot but your graffiti is fucking amazing!! saw your graff for the first time today and I AM DEF YOUR BIGGEST FAN!! KEEP ART ALIVE...

8. By arthur frutos

hello i always wanted to know how you become a great tagger?

9. By fernando

i want to join

10. By Shear

nice m8

11. By inci

rap forever

12. By mOnstaKiLLa

i lyke it bro itz good ..

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