Blood battle wildstyle






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Blood battle wildstyle

New graffiti wildstyle Charenton march 2008.
Battle with Mister Spot 2D vs 3D...

Blood battle wildstyle


Blood battle wildstyle

Feat from left to right : Tefu Red Olse Sueb Cuba Fan Wise Cors Spot and i.

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1. By GK ZpN

Hi. my name ez "GK ZpN" .
i loVe your workz !
thats very bezt in bezt
i live in iran [E-RUN]
if u can please tell me
Mr STACK u are my intro in graffiti

2. By bdk

yo man, nice wall, love the front one.
didnt see ya on msn quite a while, where have you been up to?

3. By Kix

chanmax cuila !

4. By Anandit

Hullo Stack...........i have to admit your graffiti is so much fun to interpret. BTW, check out my art:
hope you li

5. By wilen

gloc manne

6. By joachin

ola man deseo k me hagas un graffiti con mi nombres pz puedes man

7. By boooge

your piece is awsume man, love that style and wildstyle as well! can not decide who is better stack or spot, i like both styles to much.. the entire wall is awsume

8. By keusta

Thanks boooge !

9. By Bide

gileee keren banget. . .
very very nice work!

I love it very much

10. By Joseph


11. By aljosa

you must to have better graffits




esta chingones!!!......

14. By josh garcai

this is dope

15. By Krak

yo man luv the wild style.

16. By toy

i like it very much, if you agree, make graffiti in the road.thanks.

17. By dementor

hI MY NAME IS DEMENTOR YOUR works thats very good the wild style is the best

18. By dementor

hi so yours graaffiti its the best i like the wild style

19. By -[Tips]-

i love yo wall men it is like the best i ever seen....

20. By d.g

man if i were to say whos da best theres no doubt in my mind u r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !_!

21. By ...priorityENZO

Mr Stack this is ENZO, you drop it like it's hot when it comes to wildstyle. I have been into graffiti for about 2 years and this portfolio you have is balla'. you are straight up "o.g. double o.g." (original gangsta). keep up with the badass

22. By igor

graffiti eh arte

23. By skeamz 339

damn i love the way you guys use details in your art work stay up...

24. By seckz

you're so dope. tryna teach me?

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