Big Brother is Watching You








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Big Brother is Watching You

Yo Yo Yo ! Look around you, Big brother is still watching !
Feat Mr Spot new freestyle 3D eyewatchingyou

brother big graffiti

Ivry city Again in a secret spot's spot héhé !

making of graffiti

click to enlarge humm
You see ? Sure ?

Watch this and you will see

You see now ? Big brothaaaa ! Beware !

And the making of, step by step motion

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1. By esion

Sus aux murs blancs et aseptisés ; le fond défoncé ça claque!

2. By Ambar

this so kewl

3. By Anandit

Holy Shit!!
This is cool..where do ya get the ideas from????

4. By manu

héhé, encore une balle :p enjoy

5. By WUAM

Ohhh what a great project.
I love you’re style your spot’s and your crew;-)
Big respect from germany

6. By StyLeOnE

Man that is kwl how do u get tha details so good??

7. By zee

Wow your one busy boy. Great job!!!

8. By h3Mp

wUt uP Big bRothAAAA tHatS soMe TighT sHit yoU jUst mAke aLL yoUr aRt cOme oUt tHatS WuzZ uP i Luv It.

9. By Remy

could you make that animation a gif.? it's really cool but i can't save it when it's like that

10. By Crusar

Great blend with the environment. And realy nice style

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