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Yo, New wall feat 6pack, Red and Myt, under the A86 Bridge...
I do the city and all the background, speed style, fucking cold Winter 2007


It's a bit dirty but it takes only 3/4 hours to do it
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1. By sixfre

tu me fais rire avec tes "It's a bit dirty but it takes only 3/4 hours to do it"...merde mec y'a des mecs comme moi qui feraient pas mieux en 3,4 jours!

stay tuned++

2. By boooge

Inspirational, Myt, Red, 6pack, Stack, awsume wall! your the only crew i know that puts up a city landscape background its great detail, the clouds could be better

slam a fireball commit into a city destruction of the world could be aws

3. By tieum

speed style? tu rigoles ou koi il deboite ton décor. je suis aussi tombé recement sur un pti mur que t'as fait avec Reks a la caserne militaire a bordeaux, pas mal non plus, ca fait plaiz a decouvrir

4. By keusta

Yeah Thanks !

5. By crime

hey what kind of markers do you use. i need some good ideas of what to get.keep doing the awesome stuff that youre doing. i hope to see more soon!

6. By WuAM

I love it. the colors are great and you make a perfect stage for the styles. But is it not very expensive to make such a background with only cans?
Big Up

7. By chris

tag it upp in meadow lake with me

8. By yearz


9. By Anandit

A triple thumbsup on this one!!

10. By pamela

quien hizo el grafit de boy detail de 3 chavos con sudadera y gorra no se ven als caras

11. By Emilie

hey j'ai pas le souvenir de l'avoir vu celle ci...ça déboite !!

12. By luking

muito bonito commo sempre voce decha o mundo de cabeca pra bacho

13. By Ghozt

youre good men

14. By Scribblez01

hot shit

15. By Mouche

Salut l'artiste ! Ta fresque DarkNightCity m'a complètement bluffé, c'est totalement mon univers ! bon c'est surtout la partie de droite, la partie la plus fournie à mon gout, qui m'a plu ! j'aimerai savoir si tu fais quelques peintures pour particulie

16. By RET /gs krew

eaa graffit is life

17. By angie lizzett

te amo

18. By Jumaru

Dude...ill spray that on my living roooom!!!!! Mr Stacks ur the man! holla

No worries ill reference it :P

19. By cesar


20. By Wase

nice city bruh.


Nice style.. i like the city and the cloud

22. By eddie

tats wats up

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