Niort jam 2007





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Niort jam 2007

This one was done during the french jam in Niort 2007

Niort jam 2007

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1. By boooge

that's hardcore, so Nice!
who are the two guys

2. By keusta

(famous Us rap artirsts)

3. By james sherman

wow this is amazing, im not sure if i can but i wanna get some of my graffiti on here but im not sure if this is that kind of site

4. By 'zyMe'

holy shiz thats prety nice , gna try to get my stuf up here .......

5. By carlos

me podeis hacer un graffiti que ponga carlos ¡¡xfavor!!

6. By chancee


7. By egoe one

ur whack homie u aint shit

8. By marvin

oh man... you guys are the best graffiti artists i've ever seen!
you're so damn talented!

9. By jose manuel castañon juares

kiero k me eseñen a ser 3d

10. By RET /gs krew

nice you have a good stile

11. By d

hey hommie u got some mad ass skillz

12. By lupita

h*** yea this s*** go hard damn boi you got a bad a** imagination foo.....!!!!! i hope one day i can tag like you....

13. By Sir

That's sick! What's the arrows and xs?

14. By yessika

i love it graffiti

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