Escape The City






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New graffiti from 2008
Freestyle a bit, no sketch

Escape The City

Feat 6pack Yearz & Rezine from Lyon

Escape The City detail

The background without typography
Escape from the city

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1. By Bonus

Siiiick man :]

2. By Mylez

Dude that is fantastic. your work got me into taggin, your awesome dude.

3. By GB. Steven

Right now i just feel like doin art.

4. By Anandit

Every time i check out this site, and find that youve done a new work, it just pumps the energy in me! i get xcited seeing each and every detail that you (or your group) puts in! Man, this is just so bloody awesome! \m/

5. By pijama

pkoi jsuis jamais la pr les bon gros mur T_T

6. By GB. Steven

yo man u think u can send some vídeos of graffitis to me? U see i created a group in facebook about legalizing graffiti and i want some vídeos so can u send me some? My email is

7. By keusta

look at these graffiti videos

8. By GB. Steven

u have a facebook? Just get my email and check out my vídeos in my group...

9. By boooge

Hot as, awsume wall! i like the use of white as an extra colour and to separate the colours.. the bright colour orange brightens up the dull grey colour fits together so nicely and the city draws just enough power so your attention is not drawn away fr

10. By boooge

but fking hell the pieces are Insane! Tops

11. By Michal

diz iz so sick fam

12. By foser

necesito un abecedario 3d para aprender a grafitear chido

13. By halfmonk

shit, dawg, that is dope ass!

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