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graphic eye stack

New graffiti, mixing graphic and realist effects
Download the extra large graffiti wallpaper 2400px

6pack Stack Yearz

Feat 6pack and Yearz, ivry city as usual, cool sunday
May 2008

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1. By Emilie

Ah yes ! bien classes les effets !!

2. By Anandit

Oh god!!!!!
i just ran outta appreciation dood!! this shit is fantastik!!

3. By pecas

thats good

4. By luking4u2

crazy loking, as always you leave everyone amazed

5. By GkZPN

Hey Yo !
What the Fuck is THaT !
oh ,Man i LoVE YO ...
Veeeeeeereeeeeeey Veeeeeeery Good.

6. By mari

hola me llamo daviannys

7. By City_Slicker

Love It ! Pure Fucken Beauty !

8. By Artisexpression

WOW! that is some of the illest work I've seen ina HOT minute....great shit

9. By Lola

man dis shits drippy kinda looks like its dippin inta mi sole through my eyes its fuckin

10. By ACE

not much to say that's not been said yet I must react ! thank you for the <--InSpIrACEoN-->

11. By jopeter

nice,incredible astig

12. By brocken wall

YO THIS SHIT IS SWEET. I have done something like dat but its shit compared to what u just did

13. By Lizz the lady

Wow. Awesome. the eye is amazin' abd the shapping of the letters is so sweet. awesome

14. By Jose maldonado

Man u got some nice art work which I appreciate

15. By sugablaze

can I borrow this to use as a background for my personal use

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